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Summer Skin Care for All Skin Colors

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Stay ahead of summer skin concerns

You might think of summer as the season of low-maintenance, glowing skin—but between the sweat, sun, and stale AC air, chances are that you might face a few complexion concerns, from acne to dryness to sunburn.

Join RealSelf contributing editor Andaiye Taylor and a panel of skin experts, to learn about the most common issues that pop up this season—plus the best ways to prevent and treat them, for all different skin and Fitzpatrick scale types.

On this episode: 

  • Learn about the most common summer skin concerns for different types of skin and how to prevent and treat them.

  • Get expert recommendations for ways to update your skin-care routine for summer. 

  • Hear from a board-certified dermatologist about safe in-office treatments and technologies that address sun damage, for all skin types and colors.

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Andaiye Taylor,
RealSelf Contributing


Jenna Ushkowitz,
Actress, Producer 
& Podcaster

Dr. Sheryl D. Clark,
Board-Certified Dermatologist 

Erica Martin,
Director of Broadcast Education & Strategic Programs, SkinCeuticals® 

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